Gaming Room Installation in Cumming, GA | Cumming, GA Game Room Install

Custom Gaming Room Installation in Cumming, GA

Game room installation Cumming GAWho doesn’t love a cool gaming room, where you can go to play your favorite video games with your family and friends? If such a person exists, we haven’t met him or her! Our professional technicians recently installed a super cool new gaming room for a client in chanel borse replica Cumming, Georgia. After consulting with the client, we learned that they place a variety of video games, and wanted to be able to play them all together. Read more

Connected Home & Home Automation Installation | Atlanta Home Installs

Creating a Connected Home in Cumming, GA

RTI Installation Atlanta GeorgiaAs technology continues to make advances by leaps and bounds, more and more of our clients are seeking home automation systems working toward creating a connected home that can in many cases be controlled by a smartphone. Our team of professional installers recently created a connected home for one of our dear clients in Cumming, Georgia. We installed:

  • Sonos audio system
  • Lighting and fan controls
  • Pool and spa controls
  • TV control

All of these home automation systems are controlled through our client’s smartphone, allowing them to heat up the spa while inside enjoying dinner so that it’s at the perfect temperature when they’re ready. From the spa, they can also turn on their favorite music, turn the lights down low and enjoy a beautiful, relaxing evening. They can also ensure that the pool is at the perfect temperature befor montre pas cher e their guests arrive, choose their best party tunes, ensure the fans are at the right speed not to blow the napkins around and get ready for an exciting party! Read more

Home Theater Installation in St. Marlow Country Club | Duluth Home Theaters

St. Marlow Country Club Home Theater Installation

Home Theater Installation Marlow Country ClubWe love being able to create unique home theater installations for our clients in Duluth, and the installation our team performed in the St. Marlow Country Club was no different! Our client was experiencing several issues with work that had previously been performed by other home theater professionals, and when they weren’t able to complete the installation, our client decided it was time to find a new company.

After reading our previous clients’ reviews, we set up an initial consultation to learn more about how we could create the perfect installation for our client and make sure that they were happy with our work. The previous home theater professionals weren’t able to complete the installation as our client wanted. When we stepped in, our professional team was able to complete the home theater to their exact needs! Read more

360 Home Cinema is Now Sivoia QS Triathlon Certified | Sivoia QS Certification

We’re Now Lutron Sivoia® QS Triathlon Certified!

Lutron Sivoia Installation We’ve had a lot going on here at 360 Home Cinemas, from a variety of residential and commercial installations to increasing our knowledge through advanced certifications! We’re very excited to announce that our entire team here at 360 Home Cinem borse replica as is now Lutron Sivoia® QS Triathlon certified! If you’re not familiar with Lutron Sivoia® QS Triathlon, it’s been called “the most fashionable, flexible, and affordable motorized shading system available today.” These shades are completely electronic, allowing you to easily program how you want the windows of your home to be dimmed or opened throughout the day. Read more

Google Fiber Arrives in Atlanta | Google Fiber Installation & Connection

Google Fiber Installation & Connection in Roswell

Google Fiber Installation Atlanta Buckhead Alpharetta GAWith the altneratives to Comcast and AT&T for Internet service rather slim in Atlanta, it was a wonderful day when Google announced that they’d be bringing their Fiber service into the city starting late last year. As their fiber optic system continues to expand throughout the city, we’ve been thrilled to start working with it both in our own homes and office and with our clients!

We recent chanel sac pas cher ly provided an installation and connection using Google Fiber Optic for a commercial client in Roswell. Our client is absolutely loving their quick new speeds – which range from 815.84 Mbps download speeds to 908 Mbps upload speeds! Say “Good-bye” to Comcast and AT&T and say “Hello!” to Google Fiber! Contact our team to get your fast new Internet speeds connected with all of your devices! Read more

Alternative TV Solutions | Cable TV Alternatives

Alternatives to Your Current Cable Television Service

DirecTV Installation Alpharetta GAWith more and more services offering television shows and movies via streaming platforms, the question to keep cable is becoming even more apparent. We’ve had many customers question their cable service, wondering if it’s still as valuable as it once was. After all, many cable channels are now littered with advertisements, which was one of the largest marketing points of cable TV: Purchase a cable plan and get away from constant commercials between segments of your favorite shows. Read more

Skype Video Conferencing Installations in Johns Creek | Skype Video Conference

Skype Video Conferencing Solutions in Johns Creek

Skype teleconference installationAs more and more technologies are updated to keep up with current market trends, it’s important to keep your business at the forefront of the latest and greatest. While many companies and individuals are familiar with Skype, the service continues to grow and expand into new avenues to compete with other similar companies.

We recently did a commercial installation for a client in Johns Creek. Our team updated their current video conferencing equipment into a virtual video conferencing solution using Sk replica borse ype and the latest hardware for crystal clear audio and video. This commercial installation was a huge success for our Johns Creek client, and we know that their teleconferencing and video conferencing is ready to move their team into the future! Read more