Flat-Panel Television Install in Cumming, GA | Over Fireplace TV Install

Over-The-Fireplace Flat-Screen Television Install in Cumming, GA

Television Installation Cumming GAHave we mentioned how much fun flat-scre replique sac hermes en television installations are? They’re one of our favorite installations to perform, and allow us to really create something unique for our clients. For this particular installation, we were back in Cumming, GA! Our client wanted to mount a flat screen television over their fireplace in the family room, allowing everyone to stay cozy around the fire while enjoying their favorite movies, shows and sports games.

We used a flush tilting mount for the television for the installation, which allowed our client to adjust how they view the screen for their optimal angle. We also provided a complete sound system installation, with internal wiring and all of the gear setup in their side closet to keep unsightly boxes out of view. We’ve received word from our client that they’re happily enjoying their new television, and as the cooler weather gets closer and closer, we know they’re going to love watching their favorite programs curled up near their cozy fireplace replica borse !

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