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Action Church Installations in Canton, GA | Church Installations in Metro Atlanta

Complete Installation at Action Church in Canton, GA

Action Church projector Installation Canton GAOur team at 360 Home Cinema provides installations for a variety of structures including homes, restaurants and places of worship. While we provide custom home theater installations throughout all of Metro bolsos replica Atlanta, we also specialize in working with places of worship to create reliable yet flexible solutions for events and services.

We’ve worked with Action Church in Canton, Georgia in the past, and we recently provided additions to their previous installations. During this install, we provided their place of worship [page link] with upgraded projectors and screens, adding onto their high-quality sound system. These additions allow Action Church to deliver impeccable services for their congregation and continue to spread their message. The new projectors and screens also allow Action Church to host a variety of events for families and children, such as family movie nights, prayer lock-ins or band performances. Read more

360 Home Cinema is Now Sivoia QS Triathlon Certified | Sivoia QS Certification

We’re Now Lutron Sivoia® QS Triathlon Certified!

Lutron Sivoia Installation We’ve had a lot going on here at 360 Home Cinemas, from a variety of residential and commercial installations to increasing our knowledge through advanced certifications! We’re very excited to announce that our entire team here at 360 Home Cinem borse replica as is now Lutron Sivoia® QS Triathlon certified! If you’re not familiar with Lutron Sivoia® QS Triathlon, it’s been called “the most fashionable, flexible, and affordable motorized shading system available today.” These shades are completely electronic, allowing you to easily program how you want the windows of your home to be dimmed or opened throughout the day. Read more

Skype Video Conferencing Installations in Johns Creek | Skype Video Conference

Skype Video Conferencing Solutions in Johns Creek

Skype teleconference installationAs more and more technologies are updated to keep up with current market trends, it’s important to keep your business at the forefront of the latest and greatest. While many companies and individuals are familiar with Skype, the service continues to grow and expand into new avenues to compete with other similar companies.

We recently did a commercial installation for a client in Johns Creek. Our team updated their current video conferencing equipment into a virtual video conferencing solution using Sk replica borse ype and the latest hardware for crystal clear audio and video. This commercial installation was a huge success for our Johns Creek client, and we know that their teleconferencing and video conferencing is ready to move their team into the future! Read more

Choosing the Best Projection Screen for Your Space | Projector Installation

Let the 360 Home Cinema Team Help You Choose the Best Projection Screen

Vutec Screen installation projector screen installation Atlanta GeorgiaWe recently installed a 103” Lectric II Vutec motorized screen in a conference room for one of our business clients. If you haven’t see this installation yet, check out our Facebook page and the recent blog post chronicling the details! We love the look of this motorized projection screen in their conference room!

Many of our clients are concerned about the proper size of the projector or television screen when considering a conference room or home installation. Our team at 360 Home Cinema is able to calculate the proper viewing size for your purpose, whether you’re planning to update your sales team or enjoy your favorite movie with your family. We factor in seating depth, clarity, intent, video source and many other options when making the perfect suggestions for your needs, ensuring that you’ll never have a screen that’s too small or too large. Read more

Conference Room Installation in Marietta, GA | Motorized Screen Install

Conference Room Installation w/ 103” Lectric II Vutec

Vutec Lectric motorized screen conference room installationNothing says modern like a motorized screen in your company’s conference room! Our team recently installed a 103” Lectric II Vutec screen for a client in Marietta, Georgia. Updating your company’s conference room with a motorized screen allows you to utilize the most of your space, and when you’re not using the screen for business purposes, it is discreetly hidden away until i replica handtassen t’s next needed.

This was an exciting installation for our Marietta, GA client and we had a great time setting them up for excellence! If you check out our Facebook page, you’ll see a variety of photographs that are residing on the floor of our clients’ conference room. These were removed so that our team could more easily install the motorized screen, and we bet they’ll be back up on the wall!
Read more

Dual Display Installation for Conference Rooms | Conference Room Installation

Dual Display Installation for Cumming, GA Conference Room

Dual Monitor Conference Room InstallationConference rooms are where entire companies – whether large or small – come together to review current business standings and plan for the future. Because conference rooms are so vital to efficient businesses, it’s important to make sure that your business’ conference room is up-to-date with the latest technology, similar to the recent conference room upgrade we did in Cumming, Georgia.

Our team installed a dual display for our Cumming client, allowing the client to give more effective presentations using charts, graphs, and other media. These screens can be used as extended displays or separately, so that there can be a presentation on one screen and a video chat with business partners on the other, enabling the business to have greater productivity. Our team also installed a new projector to work with these displays, and we discreetly wired all components through the ceiling and the walls, ensuring the seamless finish of their conference room. Read more

Custom Screen Installation in Conference Rooms | Conference Room Screens

Custom Screen Installation in Atlanta’s Conference Rooms

Custom Screen Installation Cumming GeorgiaDo you have a conference room in your office? If so, is your conference room equipped with a custom screen that allows you to easily display slideshows and videos?

If you answered, “No,” to the second question, we ask you, “Why not?!”

Our team at 360 Home Cinema recently performed a custom screen installation in Cumming, Georgia, allowing our client to easily and effortlessly stream anything to the screen, whether it’s for work or play. Our custom screen installations, whether in the home or the office, allows you to watch videos, work more efficiently, and communicate your plans with very little extra work. Read more